Why Salasar

We advise you on the risks that you are exposed to.

We tell you what to insure and, also, what not to insure.

We help you determine how much to insure for.

We advise you as to which insurance policy perfectly matches your insurance requirements.

We interpret to you the policy conditions, clauses, warranties and add-ons which impact the basic insurance coverage.

We advise you on the features of policies offered by competing insurers.

We advise you if your current premium costs are appropriate.

We help you choose various deductibles/ excess/franchise options available to you.

We procure and carry out comparative analyses of competing insurance proposals on your behalf.

We help you implement mid-stream changes in your insurance program attributable to changes in your enterprise.

We track the shortcomings of your current insurance programs and coursecorrect.

We credentialize insurers for you.

We structure your insurance programs so as to ensure full indemnity in the event of a claim.

We interpret policy terms and help you negotiate claims with insurers.

We provide you a third-party assessment and advisory for prevention and recurrence of losses.

We update you on the service standards of various insurers in the market.

We keep you abreast of the competitive landscape of the insurance market.

We help you access international, reinsurance driven policies on offer by the Indian insurers.

We provide you all-time access to the developments of your interest in the insurance market.

We are not tied to one insurance company and act as independent advisors.

We don’t charge our clients any commission or fee.